Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Commercial kitchen equipment is the backbone of any restaurant. However, frequent use and continuous operation inevitably lead to equipment failures and unexpected downtime, greatly impacting a kitchen’s productivity and budget.

Maintaining kitchen equipment can be compared to changing the oil in your car. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning, de-scaling of water use equipment and calibration of cooking equipment, can drastically increase the useful life of the equipment.

Scheduling regular maintenance visits is an excellent and cost-effective solution to reducing the need for repairs. A maintenance program can help restaurant operators spot potential problems, maximize equipment efficiency and avoid the high cost of repairs and replacing spoiled food.

Why Bother with PM?

  • Refrigeration and cooking equipment will operate more efficiently and fewer hours per day. This translates into reduced electrical consumption – saving money.
  • Extends the operating life of your equipment; therefore, delaying the substantial cost of equipment replacement.
  • Reduces emergency service repair costs by resolving many potential problems prior to failure.
  • Lowers equipment failure rate, frequent equipment failure can hinder the success of your business.
  • Savings in electrical consumption + reduced repair cost should more than offset the cost of implementing a Refrigeration or Commercial Cooking PM Program.