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Make your appliances last the longest with these keys!

It is amazing how long or short a piece of equipment, like a computer or toaster oven, can last depending on how you use it. Everyone can begin with the same machine and end up with entirely different results. While it may have to do with slight differences in the equipment themselves, it largely has to do with how the user treats them. Extend commercial food equipment lifespan with these helpful tips! If you need professional food equipment services in Maryland, contact Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.!

How to Extend Commercial Food Equipment Lifespan

Use with Care According to the Instructions

The simplest answer to how to extend commercial food equipment lifespan is to use them gently and according to how they should be used. Do not go outside of the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the appliances according to the instructions and without too much force or strain on them.

Clean Routinely

Cleaning your commercial kitchen appliances does wonders for their longevity. Dirt buildup slows appliances down and makes them exert more energy than they need to to perform their jobs. Cleaning all appliances should happen daily, weekly, and monthly. Deep cleaning is necessary to keep your appliances running at top performance.

Follow through on Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and other types of maintenance, like calibration, are necessary to continue producing delicious results. Professional planned maintenance is like a doctor’s checkup; a trained eye ensures that everything is in good working order and makes adjustments accordingly. 

Make Timely Repairs

Do you notice that your food, drinks, or ice cubes are not coming out properly because of the machinery used to make them? Schedule a repair service as soon as possible to fix the problem. The longer you wait, the shorter your equipment’s lifespan will be.

Train Staff to Do Likewise

Everyone on your team should have the training to treat all commercial kitchen appliances well, not handling them roughly or neglecting to clean and maintain them. You can trust Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., to treat your appliances as if they were our own. Contact us for maintenance, repair, and emergency services!

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