Industries Served

Anyone with commercial kitchen equipment in Maryland can benefit from our services. Pine Heights serves a broad range of commercial kitchens throughout the state of Maryland; we also supply OEM parts to Maryland commercial kitchen repair contractors. All in all, if you have any commercial kitchen equipment needs, we can provide you with experienced maintenance and repair services. If you do not see your exact industry listed here, we can still help! We are just a call, email, or fax away.

Common Industries Served

Carnival, food trucks, carryout, quick service, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, grocery stores, nursing homes, convenience stores, food service kitchens, jails, schools, universities, casinos, malls, stadiums, parks, food manufacturers, coffee shops, pizzarias, hotels, apartments, caterers, churches, wedding venues

Industry Categories


We offer professional cooking equipment repair services to all Maryland restaurants and pizzerias. The kitchen is the heart of your establishment, and the service that comes out of it is a major part of what makes your restaurant successful. Pine Heights can service your commercial stoves, ranges, fryers, ice machines, convection ovens, steamers, beverage machines, and more.

Carryout & Quick Service

If you run a carryout or quick service food establishment, we provide the same high level of quality service to you. We service carryout stores, permanent kiosks, and other to-go stores. Count on us for your cooking equipment maintenance and repair needs.

Mobile Commercial Kitchens

Mobile commercial kitchens include food trucks, hot dog carts, ice cream trucks, catering equipment, and commercial kitchens at festivals and parks. We are proud to be of service to Maryland’s annual Renaissance Festival (Ren Fest.) If your mobile commercial kitchen equipment needs repairs, call us!

Food Court Kitchens

Food court kitchens and cafeteria kitchens can also call us for commercial food equipment services. We service beverage machines, ice machines, commercial stoves, countertop appliances, and much more.


Grocery stores, butcher shops, convenience stores, and gas stations all have commercial cooking equipment and can all benefit from our cooking equipment services. Call us for maintenance or repair services and feel free to bring your transportable appliances to our Baltimore in-house repair shop.

Facility Kitchens

We also provide commercial cooking equipment services for commercial kitchens in all kinds of facilities. Examples include churches, hospitals, retirement communities, academic institutions, office buildings, jails, and many more. Keep up the quality of your commercial kitchen equipment with Pine Heights!

Venue Kitchens

Wedding venues, stadiums, and other commercial kitchens that do not get constant use also need a professional company like Pine Heights to keep their equipment in top shape. If you have commercial food equipment, we are here to help!

If You Have Commercial Kitchen Equipment, We Can Serve You!

Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., is a Maryland company providing commercial kitchens state-wide with cooking equipment repair services and commercial food equipment parts. If you need commercial ice machine repairs, commercial convection oven equipment repair, commercial fryer repair, food warmer repair, walk-in cooler repair, commercial steamer repair, commercial stove repair, or repairs for any other equipment, Pine Heights is at your service. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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