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Deep Fryer in Restaurant KitchenCutting costs on commercial food equipment is something all great food establishments strive to do. Your commercial kitchen appliances and tools have substantial value, and making the most of them is crucial. If you ever have a malfunctioning appliance, you don’t have to replace it entirely. If one part breaks down, you can still save costs and keep your business running smoothly by replacing the broken part alone.

Enter Pine Heights. We supply and install commercial food equipment parts for commercial kitchens throughout Maryland. We can come to you, or you can come to us on Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore. Regardless, we are happy to provide professional installation of OEM parts for your commercial kitchen.

Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for parts sales and services.

We Drop-Ship Parts

Our team, equipped with trucks fully loaded with parts for your kitchen equipment, can come to your location and perform the repair for you professionally. We also offer drop shipping of commercial food equipment parts. We can order specific parts from the supplier for you and can install them for you when delivered. We handle the work in finding and fixing the appliance part for you. We also sell parts to contractors.

We Sell Used Equipment

If you prefer to find applicable used equipment instead, we may be able to supply you there too. Our in-store repair shop features a small showroom where customers drop off used but functional appliances and put them up for consignment sales.

The Importance of Using the Right Parts

Empty Restaurant Kitchen with Professional EquipmentNo matter what type of kitchen appliance parts you need, it is crucial to invest in the right parts. It is best to replace a broken part with a new part of the same make and model. It may be possible to find a similar part, one produced by a different manufacturer, or an off-brand version, and it can be tempting to settle if it costs less.

However, anything but your original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts can compromise your commercial food equipment, causing it to perform at a lower level than before. The wrong part is no substitute for what the appliance was designed to have. Even one wrong part can lower the quality of your cuisine. It is highly worth investing in the exact parts you need rather than settling for less.

Let Us Install Your Commercial Food Equipment Parts!

At Pine Heights, you can find the exact commercial food equipment parts you need. We can order from any of the prominent manufacturers that are likely to make your kitchen appliances. Whether we drop ship parts for you, or you find a used part from our store location in Baltimore, we are eager to help you find and install the part that will set your appliance and business up for the best success.

When contacting us for a new commercial food equipment part, please have the part’s model and serial number on hand. Then, visit our Parts page, use our contact form, or call Mike Weaver at 410-644-8844 Ext. 103.

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