OEM Commercial Kitchen Equipment Parts

Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) commercial equipment parts supplier and installer. We source commercial kitchen equipment parts from a wide range of brands, so we can find a part that suits your exact make and model. You do not have to settle for less; with Pine Heights, your Maryland commercial kitchen equipment can have its original parts at all times.

What Are OEM Commercial Kitchen Equipment Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are parts made by the same manufacturer that made your appliance at hand. For example, if you have an ice machine with one broken part, the manufacturer of your ice machine may sell separate replacement parts for your exact machine. The manufacturer offers superior craftsmanship and fit for your commercial kitchen appliance.

OEM Commercial Kitchen Equipment Parts Supplier & Installer

Stainless Steel Oven in Commercial KitchenPine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., is an OEM commercial kitchen equipment parts supplier and installer in Maryland. No matter what type of commercial kitchen you have, we are eager to provide you with the exact parts you need should any of them need replacing.

We can supply the OEM parts you need either directly or through drop shipping. Our company trucks are fully-stocked with inventory parts, and we can also order and drop ship parts to you from the manufacturer. We can either deliver the parts and install them for you, or we can drop ship them to your location for you to use. We order OEM commercial kitchen equipment parts for customers and contractors alike.

Overall, at Pine Heights, we are your one-stop shop for the exact equipment parts you need to keep your commercial kitchen running. We can help you find the right part based on the broken part’s model and serial number. Our professionals can then expertly install it for you so your appliance works as effectively as possible.

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

OEM commercial kitchen equipment parts differ from aftermarket commercial kitchen equipment parts, which are parts designed to be compatible with multiple similar machines. OEM parts, although potentially a higher price, are a worthier investment than aftermarket parts. You cannot get a higher-quality fit than with an OEM part, and the result will be an appliance that runs just as it should. OEM parts offer quality, cost savings, and no confusion about which part to select.

Pine Heights Supplies OEM Commercial Kitchen Equipment Parts!

When replacing a malfunctioning part in your commercial kitchen equipment, you need the original equipment manufacturer part. Nothing fits like the original part produced by the same manufacturer. At Pine Heights, we are dedicated to helping Maryland commercial kitchens have top-notch cooking equipment and thus the equipment they need to create the best cuisine. We are an OEM parts supplier and installer and can deliver or drop ship parts to you. If you need OEM parts in Maryland, contact us!

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