Commercial Refrigeration

We service and repair a number of “Cold Side Items”

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Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Whether you run a hospital, restaurant, school, or other building that requires a commercial refrigerator in Maryland, you know how important it is for your fridge to be working in tip-top condition. If it is not, you run the risk of spoilage which can be dangerous if undetected and also cost hundreds in wasted food.

Whenever your commercial refrigerator is not working properly, you need to call for professional assistance immediately. The experts at Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen know commercial refrigeration inside and out, and we can help you with any and all repairs you may need. Give us a call if your commercial refrigerator is doing any of the following:

  • Leaking
  • Not running or constantly running
  • Not cooling
  • Building up frost
  • Making loud noises (often a humming noise)

Schedule your commercial refrigeration repair today by calling Danny Austin at 410-644-8844 or filling out the contact form.

Additional Maintenance Tips for the Commercial Refrigerator

Aside from routine cleaning, there are some additional things you need to do every couple of months in order to assure your commercial refrigerator is operating properly.

Schedule routine maintenance checks

Most commercial refrigeration manufacturers have routine maintenance programs in which you can enroll and have the unit checked out by a trained professional. The maintenance techs will be able to spot and correct potential problems before they result in costly repairs and refrigerator downtime.

Check the door gasket for a proper seal. In order to assure the door or drawer is properly sealing. Check the holding temperature. In order to assure proper food safety, the holding temperature on all commercial refrigeration equipment needs to be checked several times every day. If the temperature is too low, the food can spoil. If the holding temperature is too low, it could be caused by blocked vents or a malfunction with the refrigeration system.

Servicing Your Commercial Refrigerator

In addition to cleaning, having a maintenance technician look at your commercial refrigeration unit on a regular basis is a good way to spot potential problems before they worsen. Beyond that, sometimes things just go wrong and you need a professional to fix it. Either way, the best place to get expert repair advice is through Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Services.