Commercial Mixer Maintenance Guide

Commercial Mixer Maintenance Guide

Check out these tips to get the best use out of your commercial mixer.

Every piece of equipment in your commercial kitchen is an investment, and the mixer is no different. Unfortunately, commercial mixer maintenance is often neglected due to the busy nature of a professional kitchen or restaurant environment. This neglect can lead to breakdowns that require expensive repairs to restore the mixer. Here are some of our best tips for mixer maintenance.

Oil Moving Parts

You do not need to oil your commercial mixer every day, but you will need to lubricate it on a consistent basis. If you notice the gear housing squeaking, it should be lubricated. The bowl height adjuster should also be oiled at least twice a year. By oiling your machine, you are reducing the risk of friction leading to damage.

Have Total Maintenance Done Annually

While there are many ways that you can practice commercial mixer maintenance on your own, there are also some things that might be best left to a professional. You should always perform basic maintenance every time you use the mixer, but at least once or twice a year, you should

have it completely disassembled. This will totally clean the mixer, pinpoint any potential problems, and be a great time for repairs to be performed as well.

Don’t Wait to Repair

Two of the most common problems that can lead to commercial mixer maintenance problems are worn belts and leaking seals. As belts and seals start to wear down, they are at a serious risk of breaking entirely, which might need downtime for your mixer. Beyond commercial mixer

maintenance, you should also never wait to have repairs made. Even if it seems inconvenient, it is much more inconvenient to be without your mixer entirely for an extended period of time.

Dry Promptly

Moisture is the enemy of many types of machines, and your commercial mixer is the same. After you’ve washed the mixer, have it dried off as quickly as possible to avoid rust and other problems.

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