Ice Cream Freezer Maintenance Tips

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Keep your ice cream treats cold and delicious by caring for your ice cream freezer the right way.

The height of summer in Maryland is the perfect time to enjoy loads of ice cream. There is nothing like ice cream for a refreshing snack on a hot summer afternoon. However, it also means that your commercial ice cream freezers are more important than ever. How do you take good care of it so that it will preserve your frozen goods? Check out these ice cream freezer maintenance tips for some fresh ideas.

Cleaning Is Key

Ultimately, maintaining an appliance like a commercial ice cream freezer is all about cleaning. Dirt and debris build up over time, and it is a routine deep cleaning that ensures that it stays running. The more buildup there is, the more energy the machine will need to exert to function normally. Overexertion could lead to the machine overheating and wearing out. Thankfully, keeping a cleaning routine is all you need for proper ice cream freezer maintenance.

Cleaning vs. Sanitation

There is a firm difference between cleaning an ice cream freezer and sanitizing it. Cleaning merely removes visible gunk and prepares the machine for sanitation. Sanitation removes bacteria that could make your customers sick, even if all the ice cream is in individual wrappers. 

When cleaning your commercial ice cream freezer, turn off the power first. You can also unplug the unit; whichever is easier works.

Next, remove all ice and ice cream into another freezer or cooler.

Remove all detachable parts, like drawers, dividers, shelves, and hardware, and clean them separately. Wait for them to reach room temperature before cleaning so that they stay intact.

You can find various cleaning products, such as dish soap, white vinegar, or a commercial cleaning product for your appliance. It is best to use a recommended commercial cleaner or whatever the manufacturer advises to remove the dreaded milkstone. 

Beware of Milkstone

Milkstone is a byproduct of the fats in dairy, a porous, bacteria-friendly film that is hard to remove once it builds up.

What You Will Gain

Regular, thorough cleaning using the right products will help you stay compliant with the law and bring you back some happy, healthy customers. If you need extra commercial ice cream freezer maintenance or emergency repair, call Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service!

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