Prevent a Commercial Kitchen Appliance Emergency

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Keep kitchen emergencies from happening with these practices.

Commercial kitchens are by no means without their risks. A commercial kitchen, such as in a restaurant or school, is a place where much activity happens, with busy times and not-so-busy times. With the bustle of people, kitchen tools, cooking appliances, plumbing, and a myriad of ingredients, accidents and even emergencies can happen. Here’s how to prevent a commercial kitchen appliance emergency.

What’s a Commercial Kitchen Appliance Emergency?

It is one thing to call a company like Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service for an appliance repair service, but it is another to call for emergency repairs. How do you know it is an emergency?

In the moment, it will likely be clear if it is an emergency or not. Outside of the moment, it can help to know what counts as an emergency so you know how to prevent it. 

A commercial kitchen appliance emergency could be:

  • An appliance that completely stops working (like a commercial fridge)
  • An appliance that breaks down at the busiest hour
  • A broken appliance that threatens the productivity of the company or risks employees’ safety

How to Prevent a Commercial Kitchen Appliance Emergency

It might not be possible to guarantee that you will not have a malfunctioning appliance at any point, as accidents can happen, but there are two main ways you can prevent it.

One is to practice commercial kitchen safety habits. Employees should use the kitchen appliances according to the manufacturer’s guidance and be responsible, not overworking the machine. They should also clean appliances regularly and be able to spot if something about a particular appliance is amiss, such as inconsistent cooking temperatures, strange noises, etc.

The other way to prevent a disaster is to call for routine preventative maintenance. A professional commercial appliance repairman can spot problems before they become major problems and make minor repairs. This approach is far more cost-effective and stress-free than if you wait until an emergency arises.

What to Do in an Emergency

Even so, emergencies can happen. If you are ever in need, Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service serves Maryland’s commercial kitchens with emergency appliance repairs. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with Pine Heights!

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