What Is a Commercial Kitchen?

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Only commercial kitchens have these features.

A kitchen is a room where you prepare meals. You cook food, make snacks, get beverages, and generally do anything related to food preparation. What makes a kitchen commercial? What is a commercial kitchen? Let’s take a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes of a commercial food establishment.

What Is a Commercial Kitchen?

It is a food preparation site for businesses. It might belong to someone who rents it out, in which case, it would be called a shared or community kitchen. Otherwise, it might belong to a restaurant or food service owner and operator and be behind where the business serves food.

A commercial kitchen in the United States must adhere to state rules. You can find the codes and regulations for each state here.

What Goes into a Real Commercial Kitchen?

Three Sinks

Every commercial kitchen must have separate sinks for different functions. There is a sink for preparing food, one for washing hands, and another for cleaning supplies. In general, you will see three sinks in this space. This specificity of sinks is to prevent cross-contamination.

Easy-Clean Surfaces

All equipment and food preparation surfaces must be non-porous, antibacterial, and easy to clean. Stainless steel is the standard material for equipment, from refrigerators to countertops to countertop appliances.


Much planning goes into every restaurant kitchen, as each food service will have different tools depending on its menu. However, preventing cross-contamination is also a must. You would find an area or appliance for cold food storage, at least one cooking zone, a janitorial zone, etc. The cleaning supplies and food must be completely separate.

All the Necessary Appliances

Of course, each kitchen will come with its set of professional-grade appliances as well. These appliances can handle heavy-duty use, preparing multiple batches or meals daily. They are professional-level equipment with a higher power than residential kitchen equipment.

Proper Food Storage

Lastly, all commercial kitchens must have proper containers to store all food items. Each container needs a clear label, which is simple to apply using paper tape and a marker. Once it has all the right products in place, it is ready to operate.

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