Top Types of Commercial Countertop Appliances

Top Types of Commercial Countertop Appliances

Countertop appliances need care too; what kinds does your commercial kitchen need?

If you are running or plan to run a commercial kitchen, you will need to line up the appliances you want to use. The number of appliances out there is more numerous than you might think; the world of cuisine is practically limitless, and if you can think of a way to prepare food, there is likely a machine that can do it. Among the types of commercial kitchen appliances, countertop items are a big part. Below are the top types of commercial countertop appliances and how you can keep track of your inventory.

Commercial Mixers

Commercial kitchens use commercial-grade appliances to prepare significant quantities of food and beverages daily. Commercial mixers are necessary in restaurants, food trucks, and more to combine ingredients to create doughs, sauces, batters, and much more. They come with different accessories so you can properly whip up your ingredients. Because they are commercial-grade, they are significantly larger than mixers for home kitchens.

Commercial Slicers

You can find commercial slicers of all kinds; butcher shops and delis use meat slicers daily, bakeries use bread slicers, and others have machines for slicing vegetables, fruits, etc. All these commercial countertop appliances create a clean, uniform cut each time. 

Commercial Food Processors

Commercial food processors include commercial blenders, choppers, dicers, etc. You might also see countertop food processors that knead, grind, and cut. Like other commercial kitchen appliances, these machines will help you create uniform batches every time. You can even set them on a timer so that they only do their job for a specific time each time.

Countertop Cooking Equipment

The commercial countertop appliances listed above only prepare food by dividing or mixing ingredients or products. However, countertop cooking equipment covers a whole range of cooking duties. What does your food establishment prepare? There is a countertop appliance for it. Examples include:

  • Fryers
  • Ice cream makers
  • Ice makers
  • Toasters
  • Ovens (convection, microwave, pizza, etc.)
  • Crepe makers
  • Waffle makers
  • Griddles
  • Egg cookers
  • Panini presses
  • Steamers

Inventory & Maintain Your Commercial Countertop Appliances

Once you have your set of commercial countertop appliances, you will want to create the most efficient layout possible. For maintenance, daily cleaning and routine maintenance will increase their lifespan

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