Four Categories of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Four Categories of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Pine Heights services every equipment category in a commercial kitchen.

Creating a commercial kitchen means prioritizing efficiency such that every job is manageable. However, that also requires that you have the right knowledge, organization, and tools. You may already have some of those tools in mind—an oven, range, or fridge that you just know will serve every need you have. However, there may be some categories of commercial kitchen equipment that you’re less aware of and aren’t sure what to look for.

The good news is that we have a breakdown of some common categories of commercial kitchen equipment. If you’re interested in learning more about common categories of commercial kitchen equipment, take a look at these big four.

1. Food Storage

In order to keep ingredients fresh until they’re needed, you’re going to need high-quality food storage items that range in their uses. Some items might need to be put in the freezer, some frozen, some in room temp, and others will need a dry environment to keep them fresh. Consider the capacity of each food storage option, energy used, and how easy they are to clean. It’s not just a matter of quantity either; you want to be able to store enough food, but you also want to store it safely and properly such that you’re following all of the proper precautions in terms of food safety.

2. Food Prep

Anyone who has worked in a commercial kitchen knows the importance (and difficulty) of preparing food. Anything that can be prepared ahead of time should be, allowing you to have a singular focus on anything that needs to be made fresh and in the moment. That means all of the blenders, mixers, cutting boards, knives, graters, and any other tools you need in order to get all of your food prep done ahead of time, making dinner service a breeze thanks to your organized and properly prepared food.

3. Cooking Gear

What is a commercial kitchen if it isn’t ready for cooking anything and everything? Getting the right commercial cooking equipment can prove difficult, however, as different recipes are going to have different requirements. What a commercial kitchen serves should work in tandem with what it is actually able to produce: if you want to serve deep-fried food, you’ll need deep fryers, and so on. Work with your kitchen staff to determine what tools are necessary.

4. Maintenance and More

All those little unsung heroes of the commercial kitchen deserve a spotlight, too. We’re talking about sinks, fire extinguishers, cleaning tools, gloves, first aid kits, and anything else that you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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