Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens

Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens

Safety is the priority of your commercial kitchen. Check out these safety tips.

Commercial kitchens are work rooms with heavy-duty equipment. Fire and water are no strangers to any kitchen, and these elements are even more pronounced in a commercial setting. Safety is the priority of every food service, so you will do well to keep your commercial kitchen from being a scary place to be. Make these safety tips for commercial kitchens a part of your routine.

Communication Strategies

Communication is a major part of commercial kitchen safety. Whether you are part of a five-star restaurant or a local food truck, multiple people moving within a commercial kitchen could lead to an injury. Make clear communication a priority to avoid bumping into people or making harmful mistakes. If an employee has a concern about the work environment, listen attentively and fix any safety issues immediately.

Proper Clothing

Flowing, loose clothing is a top reason for kitchen fires. Hanging sleeves, flowing garbs, and scarves can catch fire before the wearer realizes it. Even if there is no open flame in the kitchen, the heat could cause fabric to catch fire. Use industry-standard workwear in the kitchen to stay safe. Also, do not wear dangling jewelry, as this can also catch on equipment.


Ventilation is vital. A hot, steamy, and smoky kitchen can cause employees to become dehydrated, faint, and develop breathing issues. The building’s HVAC system and your range’s exhaust system will give you the ventilation you need.

Equipment Guards

Equipment guards keep machine accidents from happening when the machines are in and out of use. If your commercial kitchen equipment does not have guards and they are available, it is best to install them to ensure much more protection. With the many hazards that commercial kitchens present, these guards are well worth it.

Equipment Maintenance

The kitchen appliances are perhaps the most dangerous aspect of any kitchen. Your refrigerator, ice maker, range, mixer, and fryer all need regular cleaning, inspections, and tune-ups. It is worth trusting a local, reliable commercial kitchen contractor to keep your equipment, and therefore your cuisine, at their best.

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