How to Clean a Commercial Fryer

How to Clean a Commercial Fryer

Cleaning a deep fryer is easy and will keep your operations running smoothly.

Your commercial deep fryer cooks up some of the best food in the world. A fryer can help make anything from fried chicken to deep-fried Oreos. No matter what you use your commercial deep fryer for, there are several basic steps to make sure it can continue producing great food every time. Here’s how to clean a commercial fryer in several simple steps.

Unplug & Drain

The first step is to unplug the deep fryer and let the oil cool down. You can unplug the fryer if it is electric or disconnect it safely from the gas supply inlet if it uses natural gas. Once the oil is cool enough, you can empty it into an appropriate container for disposal or recycling. Your deep fryer is ready for cleaning.

Rinse It Down

The next step is to rinse the deep fryer basin with water or scrape it down with a soft mesh scraper. Remove accessories like baskets and fryer utensils first. You may find stuck-on debris from days of deep frying on the sides, corners, edges, and bottom of your deep fryer. Remove the grime as much as possible with elbow grease.

Sanitize the Fryer

The next step is to deep clean the commercial fryer. First, fill up the deep fryer with water. Second, add an appropriate detergent. Third, reconnect the fryer to its power source and let the water boil for 15-20 minutes. This soapy, boiling mixture will help sanitize the appliance, removing hardened debris and killing germs.

Drain & Rinse

After this time passes, disconnect the fryer again and let the water completely cool down. Drain the water and rinse the deep fryer interior with hot water. If you still see residue on the interior, scrub it away with more detergent and elbow grease. However, it is likely that your job will be done.

Wipe the Exterior & Clean Accessories

Only a couple more steps remain. Wipe down the commercial fryer’s exterior and clean its accessories with hot water and detergent. Allow the baskets, etc., to dry completely before returning them to their spots.

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