Common Problems with Commercial Ice Makers

Common Problems with Commercial Ice Makers

Got issues with your ice maker? It could be for one of these reasons.

Your commercial ice maker is one appliance that does a lot of work for your food service establishment. Whether you run a food truck or a five-star restaurant, the ice machine makes your beverages crisp and delicious to customers. Your quality of service can take a significant downturn if the ice maker goes bad, so here are the most common problems with commercial ice makers to look out for.

Smelly Ice Cubes

Smelly ice cubes are a food service’s worst beverage nightmare. It certainly isn’t appetizing. Thankfully, the solution is simple, and it never has to happen with routine maintenance. Smelly ice cubes come from a dirty ice maker, so regular cleaning will keep that from happening.

Strange Noises

Strange noises can come from your commercial ice maker, and this could be the result of several issues, such as the thermostat, the compressor, or the defroster heater. If you need a technician to help troubleshoot the problem, Pine Heights is here for your Maryland business! 


Another common problem with commercial ice makers is leaking. First, check that the machine is level. Next, check the filler cup, and check the water pipes are not leaking. If you still don’t see anything wrong, call a professional commercial ice maker repair company.

Not Dispensing Water

If the machine is not dispensing water at all, check to see that the machine is turned on. Check the water pressure; it may be that the pressure is too low. Pine Heights can help you resolve this problem.

Not Dispensing Ice

Is the commercial ice maker not making ice? It could be that the feeler is stopped due to too much ice. The feeler is a mechanical arm that pushes new ice into the outer tray. Too much ice can make it fail to return to its initial position.


Another common problem with ice makers is water freezing before it reaches the ice cube tray. Check the thermostat to see that it is not set too low; if the problem persists, Pine Heights is just a call away!

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