Repair Cooking Equipment with Us!

Repair Cooking Equipment with Us!

Need commercial cooking equipment repairs? Here’s how to choose the best business for your needs.

Serving delicious food and beverages to your community is part or all of your mission, and your business depends on the equipment you use to make it happen. After much daily use for many days, commercial cooking equipment will eventually break down in some way. The question is, who should you choose to repair cooking equipment? See how Pine Heights can serve you in Baltimore and the state of Maryland.

Tips for Choosing a Cooking Equipment Repair Company

Find a Company Who Serves Your Industry

There are two possible approaches to finding a cooking equipment repair company. One is to search for a company based on your particular appliance. For example, one could search for an oven repair service, an ice machine repair service, etc. The other approach is to find a business that repairs equipment for your particular industry. Pine Heights services a wide range of equipment for many industries, namely any that have commercial kitchen equipment.

Find a Company Who Knows Your Industry

It is also beneficial to find a cooking equipment repair company that knows how your industry works. If you run a restaurant, a cafeteria, or a mobile food service, downtimes or poor food service due to faulty equipment can impact your business immensely. Working with a group that knows what you face will be able to help support your business better.

Find a Company Who Spots Problems Early

A great food equipment repair company won’t just be able to fix the obvious problems. Your trusted repairman will also be able to give you great advice on appliance maintenance and problems that are beginning to emerge. He will be able to spot issues early before they become a problem to you.

Find a Company You Can Work With

Last but not least, find a repair service that you work well with. Communication is vital to getting exactly the service you need and developing trust between the two parties. At Pine Heights, our mission is to treat our customers and each other with dignity and respect, and to give you quality service for less! If you need to repair cooking equipment in your commercial kitchen, see how we can help!

Contact Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.!

Since 1971, Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., has been the leader in Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services in the greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in Restaurant Equipment Repair Services, Commercial Refrigeration, Preventive Maintenance, in-shop repairs, and over-the-counter parts.

At Pine Heights, our motto is simple: “Quality Service for Less.” We provide the highest level of commercial maintenance for a competitive rate. We are veteran and family-owned and operated and located in Baltimore at 2900 West Patapsco Ave., Baltimore, MD 21230.

If you are ready for reliable Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services in Maryland, contact us today by phone, fax, or at our Baltimore location! Also, keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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