Cleaning a Commercial Ice Machine

Cleaning a Commercial Ice Machine

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Cleaning a commercial ice machine ensures no harmful bacteria, fungi, or film will build up on the interior or even exterior. The buildup of materials within the machine can cause it to wear down faster or malfunction altogether. Meanwhile, any bacteria or algae leached into the ice cubes would hazard customers’ health and the commercial kitchen’s performance. Below, you can find an easy guide to help you clean a commercial ice machine step by step.

Cleaning a Commercial Ice Machine

The first step is to turn off the ice machine. Remove the ice machine’s panel where the evaporator panel is, and remove the evaporator panel. You will want to clean and sanitize the evaporator plate separately in a sink. Then, empty out the ice machine of all the ice. Before applying any chemicals, put on cleaning gloves to protect your skin from the toxic chemicals. 

Next, it’s time to run the ice machine’s cleaning cycle. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on which cleaning chemical to use and how much to apply to the water trough. As the machine is running, follow the OEM guidelines on how to clean the evaporator cover with the proper chemicals. You can scrub the cover in the sink with a soft cloth.

After the cleaning cycle is complete, you can run the cleaning cycle again at least once or until all chemical residue is gone. Now is a good time to scrub the evaporator grid and other key parts.

Sanitizing a Commercial Ice Machine

The sanitizing cycle for a commercial ice machine works similarly to the cleaning cycle. As the machine is running its cleaning cycle, you can add the appropriate cleaning solution to the machine. In the meantime, you can clean the evaporator panel separately according to OEM instructions. You can also scrub the interior of the commercial ice machine with the sanitizing solution at this point. Finally, run the machine until it is clear of chemicals. 

Cleaning the Exterior

Last but not least, it doesn’t hurt to wipe down the exterior of your ice machine as well. It can help remove bacteria, dirt, and stains that could eventually make their way to other parts of your commercial kitchen, such as the inside of the ice machine. Cleaning a commercial ice machine involves both the inside and out! At Pine Heights, we can help you with all your ice machine’s PM needs.

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