Why Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.?

Why Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.?

Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service stands out as a quality commercial kitchen equipment company.

Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc. offers a range of commercial kitchen equipment services throughout the state of Maryland, central to the greater Baltimore area. Pine Heights serves countless industries with commercial food equipment primary services for keeping that equipment sanitary and functional. Among the different food equipment service companies out there, Pine Heights stands apart from the rest. Here’s why Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc. can be your go-to source for all your commercial kitchen appliance needs.

Maryland-Centric Commercial Kitchen Service

Pine Heights is a Maryland-centric commercial kitchen service company. In other words, our service area is dedicated to Maryland groups and businesses alone. We are committed to promoting the health and economy of Maryland-owned businesses and facilities with commercial kitchen equipment, helping our state to thrive.

A Company Founded on Honesty and Integrity

Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc. is a company with a foundation of honesty and integrity. Its three founding owners had a vision of what a commercial kitchen service company should and could be, and they made it a reality. We treat our customers and employees alike with honesty and integrity, promoting genuine customer relationships and a company with solid morale. 

“Quality Service for Less”

Our motto is “Quality service for less.” As mentioned above, we strive to provide exceptional service at an exceptional price. We aim to treat our customers with decency, no matter if you manage a food truck or run the largest hospital kitchen. 

Experience & Comprehensive Services

Many of our employees have over 15 years of experience solving problems with many different kinds of commercial kitchen appliances. Our services cover all you need concerning your kitchen equipment, including installation, repair, maintenance, and parts. You will always be able to receive the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for your particular appliance.

Licensed & Insured

Pine Heights is also a licensed and insured company. This quality is important, because without these qualifications, the cost of fixing the company’s faulty service will fall on the customer. If you have any problems with your equipment after our service, we will come back and fix it until you are satisfied.

Contact Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.!

Since 1971, Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., has been the leader in Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services in the greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in Restaurant Equipment Repair Services, Commercial Refrigeration, Preventive Maintenance, in-shop repairs, and over-the-counter parts.

At Pine Heights, our motto is simple: “Quality Service for Less.” We provide the highest level of commercial maintenance for a competitive rate. We are veteran and family-owned and operated and located in Baltimore at 2900 West Patapsco Ave., Baltimore, MD 21230.

If you are ready for reliable Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services in Maryland, contact us today by phone, fax, or at our Baltimore location!

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