How to Care for a Commercial Mixer

How to Care for a Commercial Mixer

Avoid costly repairs; get the most out of your commercial mixer by following these easy maintenance tips.

A commercial kitchen that needs to mix any ingredients together will need a commercial mixer. There are different types of commercial mixers, such as planetary and spiral mixers, but regardless of whichever one you have, it needs to have proper maintenance. Taking great care of your appliances will result in better quality products and savings for your business long-term. Here are the most basic ways to care for a commercial mixer.

Clean Your Commercial Mixer Daily

Flour, sticky substances, and more can cake onto your commercial stand mixer after a few short uses. Clean your mixer after every use and at the end of every day. You will avoid cross-contamination if you are creating different recipes and will maintain a consistent performance each time.

Clean with the Appropriate Detergent

When you clean, it can help to use a detergent to remove all potential germs and growths. First and foremost, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Use a detergent suitable for the material; using something outside of guidelines could damage the appliance. 

Do Not Overfill the Mixer

One could overfill the mixer by simply putting in a batch too large or by putting in a batch that grows to a volume too large. Avoid overfilling the commercial mixer, as it will cause it to overwork and wear out faster. It can cause the mixer attachments to break or internal parts like the motor to malfunction.

Do Not Use a Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is a powerful way to remove hardened grime from all kinds of surfaces. Even so, it is safer to use something other than a pressure washer for your valuable commercial mixer. A pressure washer could dent, damage, or even destroy your commercial mixer if the water pressure is too strong. There are other, safer ways to remove hardened grime from your appliance.

Lubricate Your Commercial Mixer Routinely

Like other machines with moving metal parts, mixers can benefit from routine lubrication with any food-grade oil. You can find commercial lubricants for sale as well. Lubrication will keep your machine moving smoothly, improve ease of cleaning, and lengthen its lifespan.

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