Signs You Need Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Signs You Need Commercial Refrigerator Repair

If you see these commercial refrigerator issues, call a professional!

Producing delicious meals for your customers is the goal of your commercial food establishment. Even if you are only borrowing the refrigerator at a public venue, such as a church or camp kitchen, you want to be able to serve great food and drinks for yourself and everyone else. The refrigerator is an undoubtedly important component of food preparation and storage, and should something go wrong, you could end up with a disaster. Here are several signs you need a professional commercial refrigerator repair. 

The Freezer Is Freezing Up

One sign is that the freezer is experiencing freezer frost. It may begin to look like a snowy ice cave inside, or just a block of frost. One of the most common reasons for this occurrence is a leaky gasket, the rubber seal around the freezer door’s edges. When too much warm air mixes with the cool air coming into the freezer, frost buildup happens. It may be possible that you need to replace the gasket.

The Refrigerator Is Hot to the Touch

The refrigerator should not be hot to the touch; it is a sign that the motor or another part is overworking and overheating. One possible way to alleviate the refrigerator is to cut it from the power temporarily to clean the evaporator and condenser coils. If they are dusty, it can inhibit the appliance’s performance. Otherwise, you may need a professional diagnosis.

The Fridge Is Running Constantly

Some commercial refrigerator models might run more often than others, but no refrigerator should run constantly. If your commercial fridge is usually very quiet and you start to hear it run, that’s also a sign you might need commercial refrigerator repair. Any change in normal performance is a cause for concern.

You See Condensation Build Up

Does your commercial refrigerator look like it’s sweating? If the condensation is inside your fridge, it could be that it is just too full or that someone placed warm-to-hot contents inside the fridge. If the problem is not due to storage practices, it’s best to call a professional for advice.

Your Food Supplies Perish Faster

Are your food supplies perishing when still in the fridge, or faster than normal? This would be due to the fridge not chilling food as it ought, granted it is set at the right temperature. Depending on the appliance’s age, you could opt for either repairs or a replacement. 

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