Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clean

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Cleanliness is on par with equipment maintenance. Take these commercial cleaning tips to heart!

A commercial kitchen is more than just a room with a lot of cooking equipment. It is even more than the people that work in it daily. Germs are also present, and that is what can make restaurant and food service establishments challenging to run. Equipment maintenance, commercial kitchen safety, and commercial kitchen sanitation are all vital to the health of your production. Follow these general principles to keep your commercial kitchen clean.

The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Cleanliness

If the commercial kitchen is not spotless, germs can proliferate and havoc can come to your business. If the restaurant kitchen is dirty, that could mean food poisoning and other unpleasant illnesses for your customers. Naturally, people will be less inclined to go back to that restaurant, food truck, etc. Cleanliness is on par with equipment maintenance in importance, and can help your equipment run longer as well.

Tips to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clean

Train Employees on Commercial Kitchen Safety

How do messes happen in the restaurant kitchen? The last thing you want to happen is a massive spill or an injury. Should either of these things happen, you could end up needing to clean up the kitchen. Emphasize sound employee training on commercial kitchen safety to prevent messes and injuries in the kitchen.

Keep a Cleaning Checklist Visible

It can be easy to forget a step in the cleaning process. Print out and post waterproof cleaning checklists for daily and other scheduled cleaning routines. You might have a list for sanitizing the restaurant kitchen at the end of the day after closing, and you might have lists for cleaning individual kitchen zones or appliances. Training will also help drill into employees all that needs to be done.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

The manufacturer of each appliance will have guidelines on how to care for it. Follow these care instructions for insights on how to clean it properly. As mentioned above, cleaning your kitchen appliances daily will eliminate cross-contamination, bacteria, and prevent the appliance from overworking.

Clean All Used Surfaces Daily

At closing time every day, restaurants and other food services clean all the surfaces of the commercial kitchen and everywhere else in the establishment. Restaurants wipe down counters, cash registers, sinks, and commercial kitchen appliances. They also mop the floors with the appropriate chemicals and tools to remove stains, dirt, and grease.

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