Does Your Restaurant Need an Ice Machine?

Does Your Restaurant Need an Ice Machine?

Do restaurants need ice machines? Absolutely!

Practically every restaurant should have an ice machine, and thankfully, you can find a commercial ice machine in a great range of sizes, so even the smallest establishments can have fresh, ready-made ice. Even so, these appliances can be pricey upfront, and you might wonder if it is worth the investment compared to leasing an ice machine or buying ice from a nearby vendor. Let’s answer the question, “Does your restaurant need an ice machine?”

Does Your Restaurant Need an Ice Machine?

It depends on what you are serving. Here are the potential uses of ice in a restaurant.

Chill Beverages

If your restaurant serves water, soda, or other beverages without ice, customers might question how professional your restaurant is. Plus, no one likes lukewarm lemonade. If you serve alcoholic drinks, some will come with ice, so you will definitely need ice that can procure the proper drink.

Preserve Greens, Fish, & More

You might use ice to keep fresh produce fresh. It might include produce like salad greens, but it could also include fresh fish and seafood that is on display. 

Cook to Perfection

Some meals need ice in their preparation. For example, you might need to take ingredients from a hot boiling pot of water to an ice bath to stop the cooking process effectively. As top chefs know, blanching is the process of quickly dipping ingredients in boiling water or oil and then immediately into an ice bath. Ice is the quickest way to cool your ingredients.

Get the Right Ice Cube Shape

Ice cubes come in different shapes and sizes. You can find ice cubes, ice flakes, ice nuggets, ice spheres, and much more. You will have to consider which ice shape is best for display, preservation, cooking, and beverage purposes, and the right ice machine can give you that.

Save Money on Ice

You can also save money when buying an ice machine over leasing or importing ice. Producing your own ice is significantly cheaper than the other options. Plus, you can have a constant supply of fresh ice. Owning a machine or two is the smartest way to go about it.

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