Walk-In Refrigerator Safety Tips

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Stay safe in your commercial kitchen, especially in your walk-in fridge!

Your restaurant might have a walk-in refrigerator to store the many ingredients that need cooling or freezing. If so, you are likely aware of the potential dangers that come with this sort of room, namely hypothermia. However, there are other risks that are involved. You don’t have to worry if you put all the best walk-in refrigerator safety tips into practice. Check out the advice below and check it off your safety to-do list.

Organize the Contents of the Walk-in Refrigerator

You want the experience of going in and out of your walk-in cooler to be as simple as possible. Make sure that its storage system is stable, with the heaviest items on the bottom racks and everything labeled and categorized. With everything organized, employees can spend a limited time in this cold space.

Clean up Spills Immediately

Should any spills occur in the cooler or freezer, clean them up at once. Waiting would cause smells to develop and ice to form. Push excess liquid toward the nearest drain to accelerate evaporation and caution other employees about the slippery area.

Equip the Walk-In Fridge with the Right Tools

One way to reduce the chance of slipping, spill or no spill, is to lay down gripping rubber floor mats with drainage holes, also known as wet area mats. Other useful safety tools include a fireman’s ax, should the door latch malfunction, a safety door latch, and a stepping stool for reaching tall shelves.

Wear Appropriate Apparel

Rubber-soled work shoes are a must for working in a commercial kitchen to prevent slips and falls. Make jackets, hats, etc., available if they need to spend an extended period in the walk-in refrigerator. Wearing gloves will make handling cold inventory easier.

Stay Accountable

Employees can help keep each other safe by letting each other know if they are going to the walk-in fridge. Having a buddy system can also be helpful, should anything happen to one employee or another. Managers should check the walk-in refrigerator before closing to ensure no one is there.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Walk-in fridges need maintenance just like any other commercial kitchen appliance. Without scheduled maintenance, it could start experiencing problems that could pose a safety risk. Pine Heights is your go-to source for seasoned, skilled technicians to service your commercial kitchen equipment.

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