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There are very few people who don’t like pizza. If you have a pizza business, you have more than plenty of demand. Of course, the public demands the best pizza, no matter the style. The cheese must be melted, the crust must be baked, and the whole composition of ingredients must be divine. A major part of what accomplishes a pizza masterpiece is the pizza oven. Pine Heights, Inc., is here to provide commercial pizza oven services in Maryland.

Types of Commercial Pizza Ovens

There are all kinds of commercial pizza ovens, and as you open a restaurant, you will know about them. Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service can maintain and repair your pizza oven, especially if it is not wood-fired. Commercial pizza oven types you may come across are:

  • Conveyor
  • Convection
  • Impinger
  • Rotating
  • Electric
  • Deck
  • Brick
  • Countertop 

Maintaining Your Pizza Oven

Maintaining your commercial pizza oven starts with daily preventative maintenance, namely cleaning. Keeping dirt off your pizza oven might seem simple, but it is the most important way to keep your pizzas delicious and your oven in good health

The best advice is to look at your pizza oven manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for the appliance. If your oven does not come with cleaning and care instructions, clean the oven inside and out. If the oven has a stone surface, do not use any soap or detergent to wash it. Burn off crumbs, wipe off with a wet cloth or brush, and scrub off grease stains.

Pizza Oven Repairs

Common commercial pizza oven problems are similar to those of ovens in a home kitchen. The pilot light might not be turning on, the oven might be too hot, not hot enough, or baking unevenly. Do these problems riddle your brain? You don’t have to worry! Let Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service diagnose and fix the problem for you.

Repair or Replace?

How do you know whether or not to repair or replace a pizza oven? If the issue is minor enough and the oven is new enough, a repair is all it needs. If your oven is old and the problem is devastating, you’ll need to replace it.

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