Common Commercial Kitchen Problems

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If you’re starting a restaurant, know these common commercial kitchen problems.

Commercial kitchens are crowded places that see a lot of action every day. Moreover, they are a business abode, typically a restaurant, school, or hospital. Unfortunately, problems are bound to arise. What are the most common commercial kitchen problems? They tend to go beyond the equipment themselves.

Lack of Communication

A lack of communication is a common problem, even in the restaurant industry. Staff might inform the manager of equipment problems or shift changes at impractical times, failing to provide sufficient time to get equipment running properly and enough workers on the floor.

Management Issues

Managing a department let alone a company is a complex task to say the least. A competent manager will treat all employees and customers well and run the business or department efficiently. However, efficiency and right treatment are not guaranteed at every culinary establishment or business, and poor management often turns into staff turnover.

Lack of Cleaning

It is easy to miss a spot or slack on sanitizing the commercial kitchen. However, keeping the kitchen sanitary is of utmost importance, since one case of food poisoning will likely cause you to lose a customer for good. A stringent cleaning schedule will help maintain a clean kitchen.

Equipment Failures

Equipment failures are one of the most frustrating, debilitating problems in any commercial kitchen, especially if one happens during peak hours. The oven or deep fryer might not heat up properly, the dishwasher might not clean as it should, and the refrigerator could be too warm. Noticing and alerting the right person about such issues will prevent headaches and delayed service.

Improper Drainage

Dirt, grease, and waste could go down the drains in a commercial kitchen, and a clog could cause flooding. These kitchens have a grease trap to catch all incoming grease, but routine grease trap cleaning is a must. Drain maintenance will avoid a flood.

Lack of Proactive Maintenance

If you need advice on how to maintain or set up a commercial kitchen, seek professional advice. If you have a commercial kitchen or will soon in Maryland, Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., is happy to maintain your equipment and keep them running well before any problem becomes serious.

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