How to Avoid Downtime in a Commercial Kitchen

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Keep your commercial kitchen going with these easy best practices!

Commercial kitchens are perhaps the busiest part of any restaurant and one of the busiest in any commercial establishment. Whether in a hospital, a grocery store, or a large gathering center, a lot of work happens daily. Operations can come to a grinding halt if anything goes wrong, and downtime causes headaches. How do you avoid downtime in a commercial kitchen? Schedule preventative maintenance with Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., in Maryland, and follow these best practices!

Practice Commercial Kitchen Safety

Everyday habits in the commercial kitchen make all the difference in your risk of downtime. Following the most basic procedures can help each day go smoothly. Examples include:

  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions for appliance use
  • Using a commercial kitchen layout that encourages good traffic flow
  • Keeping floors clean and slip-resistant 
  • Practicing safe food preparation habits concerning knives, ranges, and other equipment

You can read a fuller version of best practices for commercial kitchen safety here.

Clean and Maintain Equipment Daily

Cleaning and inspecting your commercial kitchen appliances daily are two other great ways to avoid downtime in a commercial kitchen. Clean all cooking ware and appliances after each use to avoid cross-contamination and equipment breakdowns. Dirt buildup can cause more harm than you might expect.

Commercial equipment all need routine maintenance, including your ice machines, deep fryers, refrigerators, ranges, and even countertop appliances like mixers, slicers, food processors, etc. Cleaning equipment daily does much to prevent great losses, including lost time. If you ever notice anything amiss with your equipment, it is best to call your go-to food equipment repair company as soon as possible.

Schedule Routine Preventative Maintenance

Is preventative maintenance really necessary? Yes! It goes a long way in preventing downtime in your commercial kitchen from appliance failures. More than that, it can keep your business from declining due to faulty machines; for instance, a malfunctioning ice machine could produce contaminated ice cubes that harm public health. Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., can be your affordable, professional preventative maintenance company in Maryland!

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