The Importance of OEM Parts for Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Your commercial kitchen equipment deserve the best. Here’s why you should use OEM replacement parts.

Commercial kitchens need a few fundamental things to function well: a safe building, skilled staff, and commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial-grade cooking equipment like ranges, refrigerators, dryers, and mixers need to perform at their best to help produce quality cuisine. Eventually, machines like these break down and could need parts replaced. Replacing a part could be all that is necessary to keep your appliance going for some more years. You could get generic parts that fit multiple makes and models, which is cheaper. However, it is far better to go with the alternative. Below is the importance of OEM parts for your commercial kitchen equipment.

What Are OEM Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM part is a machine part produced by the appliance’s actual manufacturer. The company not only makes the appliance itself, but also the individual parts that are vital for it to function.

The Importance of OEM Parts

Designed to Work

Why use OEM parts for your commercial cooking equipment? These parts, unlike generic options, are of the same make and mold as your appliance. It is designed to work together as a whole as no other one-size-fits-all part can match.

Warranty Coverage

Read the manufacturer’s warranty carefully. If a part of their machine fails, the warranty may cover the damage and offer free parts replacements. The manufacturer is confident that their machine parts work and is willing to do that. Generic or aftermarket parts may void the warranty.

Availability of Parts

The most crucial commercial appliance parts will be available through the manufacturer or a third party, who will be willing to sell these parts to help your appliance keep going. There will be a stock ready to ship to you should you ever need it. 

Reduced Risk of Equipment Failure

The practical side of using OEM parts for commercial kitchen equipment is that you have a greater assurance that the equipment will not break down again due to an incompatibility of parts. The part is part of the original equipment body, so it will function better than any other replacement.

Longevity of Equipment

The importance of OEM parts for your commercial kitchen lies in the long-term performance of your equipment. Using OEM parts will ensure your appliances can perform their best and longest.

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