How Grease Buildup Affects Commercial Kitchens

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Grease can build up in commercial kitchens; here’s why you remove it.

Commercial kitchens are notoriously difficult to keep spotless and clean, but the best commercial kitchens are sanitary. Any customer would hope that the restaurant kitchen would be clean. One of the main grimes that dirty a commercial kitchen is grease. How does grease buildup affect a commercial kitchen? The effect is more than just a dirty kitchen.

Annoying Stickiness

Grease is simply sticky and unpleasant. If you’ve ever picked up a bottle of cooking oil and found your fingers coated in the stuff, you understand. Grease buildup causes unnecessary filth that is hard to avoid. If you have tough grease stains, take the time to get rid of them the best you can.

Attracting Roaches

Did you know that grease attracts pests? Grease is fat, and bugs and other critters can eat it as just one other source of energy. A greasy commercial kitchen may even make it harder for pest control chemicals to work effectively.

Increasing Risk of Injury

Grease is slippery; if grease gets on the floors, you risk a slip-and-fall injury, for which the business would be liable. If grease is on the counters, it could cause a slip-up when preparing a dish and also cause an injury.

Increasing Risk of Fire

Don’t rely on your fire extinguisher to put out a grease fire. You can limit the chance of a fire ever happening by keeping your commercial kitchen as clean as possible. Should a rogue spark, flame, or flash of heat contact the grease, a flame could ignite. Once a fire starts, you automatically risk losing your business and lives.

Decreasing Cuisine Quality

Grease decreases the quality of your cuisine, no matter how exceptional the chefs are. A dirty kitchen is no place to prepare healthy food. The result would naturally be dissatisfied and even sick customers.

Quickening Appliance Breakdowns

Dirty appliances have to work harder to perform at their regular power level, thus wearing them out faster and requiring repairs or replacements. Keep your commercial kitchen appliances in their best shape with daily cleaning and routine maintenance.

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