Spring Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

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Spring cleaning your commercial kitchen will help appliances last longer.

Spring cleaning for commercial kitchens doesn’t exactly exist. Cleaning (and doing it well) is a daily task; staff should clean the commercial kitchen throughout the day, every week, and every month. Ultimately, cleaning your commercial kitchen will have an overflow of benefits for your health, business, and performance and will also help all the appliances in your commercial kitchen last longer. Spring cleaning for commercial kitchens is a routine event, but it starts with these basics.

Degrease Cooking Appliances

Grease builds up over time on all cooking appliances, such as the range, the deep fryer, etc. It can also be difficult to get off, but with the right chemicals and techniques, you can get even the toughest black grease stains off. It is best to wipe down the appliances every day to avoid a buildup. 

Delime the Dishwasher

Lime deposits can build up in the dishwasher over time, especially if you have hard water. Lime buildup will make it harder for your dishes to become clean, and therefore result in stained or even dirty dishes. No customer wants to see that! You can delime a commercial dishwasher by running an empty cycle with a deliming chemical according to its instructions.

Deep-Clean Ice Machines & Refrigerators

Ice machines, refrigerators, and freezers all risk mold and bacteria if left unattended. If mold and bacteria develop, sickness follows. These machines, especially the ice machine, need to follow a strict cleaning regimen that happens far more often than once a year. You can see this blog post regarding how to clean an ice machine properly.

Sanitize Surfaces

Washing your floors, counters, and all other exterior surfaces in the commercial kitchen is not enough. Washing comes before spraying down your commercial kitchen with a sanitizing solution that you do not need to wash off once applied.


Your countertop appliances, utensils, and food supplies need occasional reorganization and can also become dirty. Wipe down your supplies as needed and reorganize them routinely, perhaps as frequently as once a week, to ensure that everything is easy to find and in the right place.

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