What Is Planned Maintenance?

What Is Planned Maintenance?

Planned maintenance helps your commercial kitchen be its best.

Everyone can agree that commercial kitchens need maintaining. Regular home kitchens would go to pot if no one cleaned anything or made small repairs or replacements when necessary. Consider even more how much care professional kitchens need when they whip up food and drinks for dozens if not hundreds of people every day. You might have heard of commercial kitchen equipment services offering planned maintenance. What is planned maintenance? Let’s find out.

What Is Planned Maintenance?

Planned maintenance can have a broader or narrower definition. It could mean the professional, routine checkups that companies like Pine Heights provide, but it could also refer to the budgeting and planning that commercial kitchen managers or owners do to prepare for all commercial kitchen equipment maintenance. We will talk about both kinds.

Budgeting and Planning

If you run a commercial kitchen in a restaurant, food truck, hospital, jail, church, etc., you will need to allocate funds for scheduled and unscheduled equipment cleaning, inspections, and repairs. In all, you will need to budget for:

  • Regular cleaning of all appliances that your staff does
  • Routine, scheduled checkups by a professional cooking equipment technician
  • Unexpected professional repairs for when an equipment part fails

Professional inspections usually happen quarterly, but consult your cooking equipment manufacturers’ guidelines to know details for each appliance.

Professional Inspections

Professional inspections is another definition for planned maintenance. Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service offers planned maintenance to commercial kitchens throughout Maryland; what you can receive would be deep cleaning for equipment, inspections, tune-ups, and small repairs. It is the benefit of a professional, trained eye spotting any deficiency of excellency in your appliance, and a problem-solving mind that can follow through on the best solution.

Professional Repairs

Lastly, professional repairs would not count as planned maintenance but would if you are thinking about budgeting and planning for all types of equipment care. Plan for commercial kitchen equipment failures; at some point, an appliance will break in some way, but repairing it will let you get the most out of it. 

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