Signs You Should Replace a Commercial Mixer

Signs You Should Replace a Commercial Mixer

Replace or repair? We answer this age-old question for commercial mixers.

Commercial mixers can make a myriad of ingredients, from doughs to salsas to meringues. Without a sturdy commercial mixer, it would take a whole lot more time and manpower to whip together different cuisines. Even so, they eventually do break down and need replacing, albeit after a decade or so with diligent maintenance. How do you know for sure it’s time for a new one? Check out these top signs you should replace a commercial mixer at your food service.

Signs You Should Replace a Commercial Mixer

Outdated Appliance

You might have an appliance that is already over ten years old. If that is the case and you can still make it run as if it was new, you could argue that you could keep using it. However, if you definitely can benefit from the features that newer mixers can offer, it might be time to replace them with a fancier version.

Insufficient for Your Needs

This is especially true if your business has needs that the current mixer cannot fulfill. Naturally, it would be time to look for a new mixer that can perform all you need it to do. You might also find that your business has grown and you need a larger mixer to make more batches at once.

Frequent Breakdowns

Lastly, your mixer is ready to retire when it requires regular repairs. If you have started to repair it so often that it is beginning to look like an entirely new mixer on an old form, it is better to get a new one. Likewise, your mixer’s frequent mishaps could compromise the cuisine’s quality and timely turnouts.

Commercial Mixer Repair in Maryland

Are you still uncertain about whether you should replace a commercial mixer or not? Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service can repair your current mixer for you and let you know how long you might expect it to last. We are here for you, providing quality service for less, throughout Maryland.

Make Your Mixer Last Its Longest

You can make your mixer last a long time with proper maintenance. Regular cleaning and catching problems quickly will ensure it stands the test of time.

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