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School kitchens stay sanitary with these tips!

Commercial kitchens aren’t just in restaurants. A commercial kitchen is any culinary room that has commercial-grade appliances and serves many people regularly. A school kitchen in a cafeteria is just one kind of commercial kitchen. How do you keep it sanitary? All students and faculty appreciate clean and delicious cafeteria food! Take these tips for keeping your school kitchen clean.

Practice Good Personal Hygiene

How do you begin to keep a school kitchen clean? One of the first steps is for all commercial kitchen staff to have good hygiene. Everyone should be well-groomed, clean, and wear a hairnet to keep hairs out of food. Yuck! Wearing gloves will keep the skin’s oils from contaminating food as well. 

Staff members should also stay home if they are sick. Anyone should rest and stay out of the kitchen if they are coughing, sneezing, lightheaded, nauseous, or contagious.

Clean Up Messes Immediately

You should never let a mess sit around in a commercial kitchen. The longer a spill stays, the longer it has time to stain, attract vermin, and create an altogether dirty school kitchen. Even if it is in a seemingly isolated area, it is best to be prompt.

Sanitize Cutting Boards

Professional chefs sanitize their cutting boards regularly. You can use different products for sanitation, such as distilled white vinegar, diluted bleach, lemon juice, and diluted hydrogen peroxide. Once you sanitize them in your solution of choice, be sure to rinse them off thoroughly with warm water.

Store Food Properly

Proper food storage entails keeping food items in their proper containers, in clean containers, and stored at the right temperature. Food that sits out all day should promptly go in the trash.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

A school kitchen has the responsibility to feed many more people than a house kitchen does. That’s why it is worth having a cleaning schedule printed out and practiced. Have a daily cleaning schedule plus a deep cleaning routine.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Professional commercial kitchen appliance checkups can involve deep cleaning and tune-ups. It is worth the investment, as preventative maintenance helps your equipment stay clean and last longer.

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