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Does your commercial fridge smell suspicious? Follow these steps!

You work at a restaurant, hospital, school, or another place with a commercial kitchen, and you’ve noticed a rancid or musty smell emanating from the refrigerator. Your nose cannot take it any longer, and you know that this smell could negatively affect the fridge contents and the health of whomever you serve. Are you saying, “Our commercial fridge smells bad?” Here’s what the cause might be and how you can solve it.

Why a Commercial Fridge Might Smell Bad

Your commercial fridge generally will smell bad due to one of two reasons, if not both: spoilt food and mold. Mold and bacteria can accumulate in refrigerators and ice makers that lack proper cleaning; wherever water is, mold could break out. Aside from that, spoilt food, especially if it has spilled, can easily produce foul odors that could affect the other ingredients in the fridge.

How to Clean a Commercial Fridge That Smells Bad

Empty and Remove Spills & Debris

It is essential to clean out your commercial fridges routinely. The first step is to remove all fridge contents and store them properly while you clean the appliance. If you suspect that any items have gone bad, don’t hesitate to toss them out.

Next, remove debris like bits of lettuce or crumbs. Clean up spills or grease or any visible dirt in the interior. You can use a multi-purpose cleaner or dish detergent and a paper towel or cloth.

Clean All Parts with a Powerful Solution

The next step is to make sure you completely eliminate the odor. For the interior, remove the shelves and wash in hot water with dish detergent. You could either wipe down the interior and shelves with dish detergent, a 5% bleach solution, or a vinegar and baking soda solution. These powerful pantry items can effectively redeem a refrigerator that smells bad.

Check and Clean Internal Parts

Foul smells could also be found in the fridge’s internal parts, such as the drip pan, the ice maker, and the coils. If you prefer not to try taking your commercial refrigerator apart, a professional like one at Pine Heights in Maryland can inspect and clean your appliance’s internal system for you.

Set the Fridge in the Sun with the Doors Open

One last step you could do to sanitize and deodorize your fridge is to unplug it, open its doors, and let it sit in direct sunlight all day. Sunlight kills germs and odors too!

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