Commercial Range Safety Tips

Commercial Range Safety Tips

Keep cautious when using a commercial range!

Commercial ranges are typically gas, so if employees use a gas stove at home, they will already have some experience practicing safety when using it. However, it is better to be extra careful than overlook a safety tip. Every day, all employees should use these commercial range safety tips. 

Clean Regularly

If you do not clean your gas stove or oven, burnt remains from previous cooking could catch fire, and before you know it, you have a grease fire on your hands. Don’t rely on your fire protection system or a fire extinguisher to have your back; clean your range regularly to avoid a fire and burnt, wasted food.

Clean the Floor Routinely

Grease, oil, etc., can also fall onto the commercial kitchen floor also, and a dirty kitchen floor could become the cause of slips, falls, and injuries. An accident could be especially dangerous around a hot gas stove. Mopping the floors every day keeps accidents at bay.

Check for Abnormalities

Employees should never be absent-minded when operating a commercial range. In fact, it pays to have a sharp eye to notice and speak up if the range needs repairs. If the range is not heating up, if the fire is abnormal, etc., the cook should speak up and call for professional help. 

Keep Flammable Items Away

Ingredients are naturally flammable, but do not keep plastic, fabric, and other flammable items near the gas range. Practice commercial range safety tips for cooking with a gas stove and preventing fire.

Keep Oven Mitts on Hand

On the other hand, keep oven mitts and pot holders closeby (safe from the flames) so that you can avoid getting burned. Burns can happen from steam and fire alike.

Practice Caution

Other commercial range safety tips include:

  • Never leaving a gas range unattended when on
  • Being aware of hot surfaces
  • Keeping the range level
  • Keeping the surface clear when not in use
  • And more

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