Common Reasons for Oven Fires

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Don’t let fires get the better of your oven; here’s what to know!

It is usually the most dire of oven mishaps that reach the news. You might have heard of or seen videos of oven windows shattering with no explanation or ovens exploding. These problems could also happen with some commercial ovens. What you want to do is to avoid a commercial oven fire. Should a fire break out in your commercial oven, the best thing to do is to keep the oven door closed and turn off the power. Opening the door will let in more oxygen, fueling the flames. Why might it happen, though? These are the most common reasons for oven fires.

Flammable Things Left in Ovens

Ultimately, the reason for oven fires is that the heat from the oven causes whatever is in the oven to ignite. One thing to keep out of the oven when it is on is anything like cloth, rubber, plastic, or any item that you are not using for cooking purposes. Check that the oven is empty before preheating it.

Overfilled Pot, Bakeware, Etc.

If you work in a restaurant, you are a lot less likely to accidentally mess up the recipe to the point that your bakeware is overflowing with goo or liquids. This overflow could catch fire in the hot oven, thus creating an oven fire. If you think the container is overstuffed, it’s better to be safe than sorry and remove the excess.

Dirty Ovens

A dirty oven could have years and years of blackened bits of food and grease in it. When the blackened debris gets thick enough, it could also catch fire and cause your oven to start smoking! You can prevent this catastrophe from happening in your commercial kitchen by keeping up a deep cleaning routine. 

Greasy Ovens

This daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routine will also prevent another cause of oven fires: grease buildup. Grease particles may coat the oven walls over time and make it a slimy mess. On the other hand, if oil splashes out of the container, it could also ignite a grease fire.

Forgotten Running Ovens

Last but not least, a fire can start if you leave the oven running for hours past its set time. Whatever is in the oven could catch fire, or the oven itself could malfunction. Carefulness in the commercial kitchen will keep that from happening.

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