The Common Types of Commercial Ovens

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Commercial kitchens use all kinds of commercial ovens, and Pine Heights services them all.

Commercial ovens are critical for a surprising range of businesses. While you might think of the obvious companies, like restaurants and bakeries, many other industries rely on high-quality ovens, including hotels. If you’re in the market for a new oven or looking to replace one that you already have, here is what you should know about the different types of commercial ovens.


Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are some of the most popular types of commercial ovens, and they work by circulating air inside of the space for an even, quick cooking process. They are commonly used in bakeries, as the improved air circulation can decrease baking times and fit more trays inside than traditional ovens. They also tend to produce a crispier result!

Deck-Type Ovens

If you’ve ever been to a delicious pizzeria, you’ve probably encountered deck-type ovens. These are popular types of commercial ovens for pizza places because they are able to stay at consistently high temperatures for long periods of time. While they are great for pizza, they also work beautifully for bread. 

Roll-In Ovens

When you want to bake a large quantity of things on racks, roll-in ovens are the most effective and convenient option. Bakeries often use roll-in ovens because they let you easily cook multiple trays or racks of bread and pastries at once and easily take them out. 

Traditional Commercial Ovens

The most common types of commercial ovens found in restaurants and bakeries are conventional ovens. They heat dishes through heated plates rather than hot air. These ovens can be used to cook virtually anything imaginable, and they are designed for continuous, heavy use throughout the day. This makes them a great fit for every restaurant or bakery that needs reliable oven access. 

Microwave Ovens

You might not think about microwaves when you think about ovens, but they are a great part of the kitchen when you need to quickly defrost something or heat it up. Commercial microwaves have much better heating technology compared to residential microwaves. 

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