Commercial Deep Fryer Safety Tips


While each commercial deep fryer is likely different, several safety tips apply regardless.

Deep frying is one of the most prevalent cooking methods in commercial food service, and generally, you’ll find a deep fryer in all sorts of places, from pubs to full-service, sit-down restaurants. While each commercial deep fryer is likely different, several safety tips apply regardless. If you’re in the food service industry, review this list of tips for this common commercial kitchen appliance, and ensure that your staff understands and follows them.

Don’t Ever Stand On The Fryer

While it goes without saying, you should never stand on, lean on, or sit on a fryer. Even if the fryer is off, sitting, standing, or leaning too heavily on it could damage it. If it is hot, any of those things could lead to injury.

Never Move Or Clean A Hot Fryer

Commercial fryers must be completely cooled before they are moved or cooled. Not waiting till they are entirely relaxed could result in injury. Additionally, they need to be fully secured if they are in use. 

Don’t Operate The Fryer Empty

If the fryer doesn’t have enough oil, it could cause injury or damage to the fryer. If the oil is not up to the entire line, you could possibly even have a fire breakout. 

Don’t Overfill The Pot

Similarly, don’t overfill the fry pot, either. When the oil heats, it expands and takes up more room, so filling it too full could cause it to overflow.

For Solid Shortening, Pre-Melt Or Break It Up

If your fryer uses solid shortening, take time to either break it up into pieces or to pre-melt it on the stovetop. You want to ensure the heating elements are completely covered before firing up the fryer, which is impossible with one large shortening block.

Don’t Leave Any Water In The Frypot

Water in hot oil causes dangerous splattering. Make sure the pot is completely dry after cleaning it, and try to limit the potential for ice crystals to drop into the hot oil. 

Don’t Touch The Oil

Perhaps the one that should go without saying the most – avoid contact with the hot oil. Fry oil is boiling and can cause serious injury if you come into contact with it. This is even true if it just splashes on your clothes. Always wear a protective covering to deal with the hot oil from the fryer. 


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