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Are you ready to learn how to take the best care of your commercial deep fryers? Read on!

When it comes to commercial kitchen equipment, many people think of refrigerators and ranges. However, there are many other pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that make it easy to create delicious dishes that keep customers coming back for more. One such piece of equipment is the deep fryer. Deep fryers are incredibly versatile, but they require special maintenance to keep them working well. Here are some of our best deep fryer maintenance tips.

Clean Up Daily 

One of the biggest deep fryer maintenance tips is also one of the tips that might be the most obvious: cleaning it every day. Commercial deep fryers should be cleaned on a daily basis to ensure food safety and quality. At the end of every workday, the fryer should be thoroughly cleaned. Depending on how busy you are, you might not need to change the oil on a daily basis, but you should clean the exterior and the baskets.

Clean Heating Components When Changing the Oil 

Because fryer oil does not have to be changed every day, you do not need to clean the heating components every day. However, one of our best deep fryer maintenance tips is to take the time to do so whenever you do swap out the oil. The heating components can get food particles built up on the surface that lead to debris in the oil and decrease the quality of your food. 

Deep Clean Every 3-6 Months

Like with all of these deep fryer maintenance tips, you should adjust the frequency that you do them to the volume of food that your restaurant or a business cooks in the fryer. In general, most businesses need to complete a thorough deep cleaning of the fryer every 3 to 6 months. During this cleaning, you should completely remove all the oil from the fryer, use warm water and a cleaning solution to remove debris, and scour the inside with a brush. After draining out the water and solution, let the fryer completely dry before refilling it. 

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