What to Do If Commercial Fridge Stops Working

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Need an emergency commercial fridge repair? Read this first!

There is nothing quite like a refrigerator breaking down. When this appliance goes bad, it risks an entire supply of ingredients for your commercial kitchen, never mind the ability to make orders. The stakes are higher when your commercial fridge stops working rather than your home refrigerator. What do you do if your commercial fridge stops working? Follow these simple steps.

Don’t Open the Fridge

If possible, do not open the refrigerator or freezer doors at any cost. The longer the fridge doors stay closed, the longer the cold air still inside it will remain and keep your produce cool. This is the best course of action, and you can do this while troubleshooting the problem. However, it might not be doable when you need ingredients to prepare food for customers.

Move Items into Another Fridge

If your commercial kitchen is big enough, it would help to have two commercial fridges available. Granted that the secondary fridge has the space, you could store the most perishable items in a second fridge while you fix the other one. If your second refrigerator doesn’t have the space, you could use as many coolers as you need with some bags of ice instead.

Do not store your fridge items in the ice machine, as germs on containers, ingredients, etc., will contaminate the ice.

Troubleshoot the Commercial Fridge

Once your perishable items are safe for the time being, it is time to troubleshoot. If you find figuring out these issues daunting, don’t worry. The solution could be easier than you think. Why is the refrigerator not cool enough? 

It could be that someone left the door open too long, there isn’t enough ventilation around the fridge, the condenser coils are too dirty, or the gaskets are leaky. If it isn’t any of these problems, then it could be an internal issue, such as thermometer settings that are off. Voila! Your commercial fridge will become frigid again soon!

Call for Emergency Repair

If the fridge is still too warm or not working at all, call for an emergency repair service. In Maryland, Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service is happy to assist as soon as possible. To prevent an emergency, read on

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