Should You Repair or Replace Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

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Replace or repair? Let’s take a look.

You might not think about your commercial kitchen equipment much until something goes wrong. Even when things are running as they should, it is best to schedule planned maintenance for your equipment to catch small problems before they become emergencies. When problems arise, though, should you repair or replace your commercial kitchen equipment? Ask yourself these questions first.

How Old Is Your Equipment?

The first question to ask is, “How old is your commercial kitchen equipment?” Is it on its last legs? Is it a couple or a few decades old? While you could preserve your old equipment, also consider if you are constantly paying for repairs. Does it keep breaking down? Could you do better with something newer? The age of your appliance could be a reason to replace it.

What’s the Repair Cost?

Tied in with the last point, how often are you repairing your current equipment? If you are making constant repairs, the repair cost could be more than the appliance is worth. Alternatively, if you had a sudden appliance breakdown and the repair cost is worth half or more of the appliance itself, then it might be better to replace it.

Could You Have Something Better?

Also related to the first point, is it possible to get an appliance that is more energy-efficient and cost-saving than your current one? It might actually save your business money if you are using a commercial range, mixer, or another appliance that uses less energy and produces better results. Your customers will also appreciate an upgrade if the new appliance produces better cuisine.

How Much Life Does Your Current Equipment Have Left?

You have to look at your particular appliance to judge how worth it it is to keep and repair it or to replace it. How much life does your current equipment have left in it? You will naturally need to repair your appliance if it is possible, but if you do, you can choose whether to keep it, trash it, or sell it. Selling is also a possibility; Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc., allows people to put small commercial appliances up for sale at the store location in Maryland.

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