Signs Your Commercial Fridge Needs Repairs

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Is your commercial fridge concerning you? It might be one of these issues.

Are you concerned that your commercial fridge needs repairs? If you notice anything abnormal, it is worth checking out, especially if it is affecting your fridge’s contents or your energy bills. If doubt about your commercial fridge’s health is plaguing you, here are some clear signs your commercial fridge definitely needs repairs.

Unstable Temperatures

Do you open the refrigerator and notice that sometimes it is warm and other times it is frigid? Its temperature might even fluctuate within minutes of having the door open. If you notice unstable temperatures, then something isn’t right, and it is worth calling for repairs as soon as possible. Make sure the contents remain well preserved. 

Loud Noises

Is the appliance making loud noises or running louder than usual? It is normal for some fridges to make some noises; check the symptom with your fridge’s make and model, and it may have an explanation. Otherwise, it is worth investigating the noise in more detail to see if it is a simple fix or one that warrants a professional’s evaluation.

Unusual Vibrations

If your fridge is vibrating, check to see that it is level and that it has no loose parts. If these factors are in good order, then it doesn’t hurt to call a commercial fridge repairman.


Is your fridge leaking? Check the fridge’s backside to see the water connection, defrost drain, and drip pan. They may be installed improperly or dirty. If the leaking persists, call a pro.

High Energy Bill Spikes

Do you have access to the building’s energy bills? Did you notice a spike in power usage around the same time that you started noticing unusual fridge problems? Your power bills are a key to finding appliance problems.

Significant Physical Damage

If there is significant physical damage, such as a ripped gasket, a broken handle, or puncture wounds, you might want to replace parts or even the fridge itself. When the damage is bad enough, it will cease to do its job well and eat into your energy bills.

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