How to Maintain a Food Truck

How to Maintain a Food Truck

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If you operate a food truck in Maryland, then you have business! Delicious street food is a favorite among Marylanders at fairs, farmers’ markets, and just out of the blue! People will line up for a treat. Taking good care of your food truck is necessary to make sure you can reach your hungry customers. Below are the key tips on how to maintain a food truck.

Drive Safely

The first step is to drive safely. It will significantly reduce the risk of getting into a traffic accident and any wear and tear on your truck. The more gently and deftly you drive, the better your truck’s condition will be. Good driving practices will save your business money and make your food truck last a long time!

Inspect Your Truck Regularly

Have a list of things you need to inspect on your truck regularly. Check your tire pressure regularly, keep your oil changed, inspect the brakes, etc. Have a professional food truck service company give your food truck a checkup every 3,000 miles. If your truck can’t run, then your business can’t either.

Educate Yourself on Your Vehicle and Appliances

While it is a good idea to have a professional maintain and repair your vehicle for you, you don’t want to trust a food truck mechanic blindly, nor do you have to. You can educate yourself on your truck’s mechanics as well as the mechanics of your commercial kitchen’s appliances. As much as you need to maintain your food truck, you should also maintain the commercial food equipment in it.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

The key way to maintain your food truck’s interior is to keep your kitchen clean. Clean and sanitize your countertops, refrigerator, cooking appliances, countertop appliances, floor, storage cabinets, etc.

Maintain Fire Safety

Commercial kitchens also need fire protection. Make sure your fire extinguishers are the right type and are not damaged or expired. Ensure that your food truck meets safety standards.

Get Professional Food Truck Repair Companies’ Numbers

Should an emergency ever occur, or if you simply need a professional to check out a problem, have all the phone numbers you need to make a quick call. 

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