Is Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment Worth It?

Signs You Should Replace a Commercial Mixer

Is used commercial kitchen equipment worth it? We’ll tell you!

You might run a restaurant, a mobile food service, or a commercial kitchen in a larger commercial building, like a hotel, prison, school, hospital, etc. You want to put out the best cuisine you possibly can, but you also want to save money where you can. How can you preserve quality and still cut costs? How can you cut costs without cutting corners? Another question would be, “Is used commercial kitchen equipment worth it?”

Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment Is Worth It

Easy to Find Gently Used Equipment

It is easier to find gently used commercial kitchen equipment than you think. It used to be a shame to use used commercial cooking appliances; there might be a stigma that your cooking equipment is not up to snuff. 

However, you can easily find used commercial cooking appliances for sale today. It is a reputable market now. You can source these appliances from the owners directly, who might be selling because they are closing their business or are upgrading to something different.

Negotiate a Bargain

If it is possible to contact the seller, who is the owner, it is possible to negotiate the price to be what you think the appliance is worth. You might even be taking on a fixer-upper that you have the know-how to refurbish, and that lets you have an even better bargain. If you are not looking to fix cooking equipment, you can still find and haggle for items that are in great shape but cheaper than the original.

Potential for a Warranty Transfer

If the product is still new enough, it might still have a warranty attached to it. If the appliance malfunctions due to a manufacturing issue, then the cost falls on the manufacturer and not you. It is possible to find appliances with valid warranties on the market today, which is just another asset they offer.

Gently Used Equipment Works!

Even though it might seem cheap to buy used rather than new for a business, these appliances really work! It can help you to save if you are starting up your business or you want to save in general. If you want to ensure their quality, ask your local commercial kitchen equipment repair company to evaluate it.

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