Appliances Every Pizzeria Needs

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Make your Maryland pizzeria stand out with the best equipment!

A pizzeria is a must-have for any neighborhood. If you are thinking of opening a one-of-a-kind pizzeria in Maryland, you’ll want to take your time to assess everything you need to give yourself the best start. It pays off to take your time to research and gather all that you need, including your equipment. This guide will give you the run-down on appliances every pizzeria needs.

Your Pizzeria Equipment Guide

Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens are essential for baking your beautiful pizzas. You’ll find at least five kinds of pizza ovens on the market, including:

  • Brick pizza ovens: For a traditional flair, go with a homey brick pizza oven.
  • Pizza deck ovens: They use heated coils to cook pizzas evenly and are standard for contemporary pizza kitchens.
  • Convection pizza ovens: Convection ovens use hot air to cook pizzas to a crispy perfection.
  • Countertop pizza ovens: Countertop pizza ovens work for cooking in tight spaces.
  • Conveyor pizza ovens: Do you have exceptionally large orders? A conveyor pizza oven can cook multiples at once.

Pizza Ingredient Refrigeration

You’ll want a commercial refrigerator to store your pizza ingredients, which could be anything from dough to banana peppers to sardines. Reach-in and walk-in fridges and freezers are the two main types of refrigeration. If you also serve salads, consider a salad storage and preparation unit.

Pizza Display Cabinets

Display your pizzeria menu with a pizza display cabinet. These appliances not only showcase your menu with real items, but they also keep them warm. For any brick-and-mortar pizzeria, it’s a good idea to have your menu on display so visitors can have a visual of their options.

Pizza Warming Cabinets

Pizza warming cabinets do what any warming appliance does on a large scale for pizzas in particular: keep them at a serving-ready temperature. They may or may not be display cabinets as well.

Pizzeria Toasters

Some customers may request to warm the pizza, calzone, or another hot item up before serving, even if it is in a display cabinet. It may also be protocol for your business. Have a handy commercial toaster to warm it right up again.

Commercial Dough-Making Equipment

Commercial dough-making equipment includes:

  • Commercial dough mixers
  • Dough separators/rollers
  • Dough scales
  • Proofing cabinets
  • Dough storage

Preparation Countertops

It’s essential to have the counterspace to prepare your pizzas and other dishes, too. These counters may come with storage for warm items, cold ingredients, and utensils.

Commercial Ice Maker

Don’t forget about filling your customers’ cups with crisp, great-tasting ice! Pine Heights is here to be your maintenance company for all your pizzeria appliances.

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