How to Clean a Commercial Coffee Machine

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Keep your coffee fresh and delicious with these deep-cleaning tips!

One of people’s favorite kinds of businesses is the local cafe. It’s a place to get a great cup of coffee and a pastry or your breakfast, brunch, or lunch. You can socialize there, catch up with friends, work on your laptop, or read a book. How can you, a coffee shop manager, keep the coffee tasting great? Here’s your quick guide on how to clean a commercial coffee machine.

Descaling and Cleaning a Commercial Coffee Machine

Commercial coffee machines aren’t exactly the same as typical home coffee brewers; they also have water hookups and can build up limescale from using hard water. It’s important to not only clean the coffee machine but to descale it, too. 

You can use at least two different products for your coffee machine cleaning routine: a white vinegar solution and a descaling powder specifically for commercial coffee machines. Distilled white vinegar mixed with a double portion of distilled water is a tried and true method for purifying all kinds of machinery and surfaces. However, to descale your machine more thoroughly, using a commercial powder product may be even better.

After brewing the descaling or cleaning solution through your machine, brew fresh water alone through it at least a couple of times. Don’t forget to remove the coffee filter funnel and the spray head separately in the sink, removing any limescale or coffee grounds present.

Cleaning a Commercial Coffee Decanter

Next, you’ll want to clean out the coffee pot. You can use either the descaling solution, the white vinegar solution, or dishwasher detergent and hot water. Dishwasher detergent is the preferred cleaner over dish soap, a tip you might find useful for your home coffee pots as well!

Keep Pine Heights in Mind for Commercial Coffee Machine Maintenance!

The general recommendation is to descale and clean your commercial coffee machine once every 4-6 weeks. You’ll want to clean the filter funnel and pot daily, but descaling once a month will help extend your coffee machine’s longevity, as will keeping Pine Heights’s number on hand should your machine start showing any mechanical problems whatsoever.

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