Commercial Panini Grill Cleaning & Care

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Make delicious sandwiches with this panini grill care guide!

Any sandwich shop likely has a panini grill to serve fresh, hot paninis along with other popular menu items. There’s nothing like a scrumptious, hot sandwich! If you have a commercial panini grill, you will need to follow best practices to keep it hygienic and functional. After all, it is your customers that get the final product, and the quality of the final product influences your business’s success. Follow this advice for commercial panini grill cleaning and care below!

Preparing a New Commercial Panini Grill

When you get a brand new, never before used, commercial panini grill, you will need to prepare the appliance so it can make great paninis right off the bat. Open the grill and wipe it down with hot, soapy water. Then wipe it down again with clean water. With the machine closed, plug it in and turn it on to the maximum temperature and let it sit for 45 minutes or however long the manufacturer recommends. This step will burn off any chemicals remaining on the grill during manufacturing. Turn off the machine once done, and let it cool down.

Seasoning a Commercial Panini Grill

Like cast iron pans and regular grills, commercial panini grills need to be seasoned. How do you season a grill, and a panini grill in particular? First, heat the grill to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, apply a bit of food-safe oil over the grill’s surface and edges with a dry, clean cloth. Let the grill heat the oil for about 15 minutes. This process will ensure a nice, non-stick surface upon which food can cook. You will need to reseason the grill periodically over years of deep cleaning.

Commercial Panini Grill Cleaning

Brush large crumbs off of the grill with the brush that comes with the appliance or a suitable one from another source. If the grill plates are removable, you can remove them and wash them with hot, soapy water in the sink daily. If not, you can soak a clean dish towel in hot water and put it under a panini press with the power on for about a minute. Afterward, wipe away the excess. 

For a deep clean, apply a baking soda paste (baking soda and water) onto the grill and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Wipe off and repeat if necessary.

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