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Cleaning is key! Maintain your deli meat slicer with this advice.

If you run a restaurant, a grocery store, a butcher shop, or a deli, you likely have a meat slicer. This machine requires using safety best practices when in use and not in use. After hours, the care that goes into cleaning the appliance matters just as much as when you are using it. Below, you’ll find useful deli meat slicer cleaning tips! If you need a commercial kitchen appliance repair service number, keep Pine Heights in your contacts if you are in Maryland.

Steps for Deli Meat Slicer Cleaning

Prepare Your Hands

First, wash your hands and wrists and dry them. Don’t forget to get the soap under your fingernails. Next, put on disposable gloves. When handling a deli meat slicer, it’s best to be extra cautious by wearing a blade-proof glove on the hand cleaning the blade. Put another disposable glove over the blade-proof glove.

Prepare the Deli Meat Slicer

Unplug the deli meat slicer and make sure it is in the off position. If you can, set the slice thickness to zero for safety. The last thing you want is to have the slicer turn on accidentally!

Take Apart the Slicer to Clean All Surfaces

Remove the blade and other applicable parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Set the removable parts aside for cleaning in the sink. It’s important to clean as many parts of the slicer as possible to kill as many germs as possible.

Sanitize the Slicer

Finally, it’s time to actually clean the machine. Create or use a sanitizing solution as directed by the manufacturer. Dish soap and water or white vinegar and two parts water should also be safe. Using a brush or a cloth, vigorously scrub the deli meat slicer to remove all debris and germs. Wipe it down again with clean water.

Remember to wash the separated pieces with hot water and dish soap.

Allow all parts to dry before reassembling.

Reassemble and Sanitize

Put all the parts back together and spray the appliance with a sanitizing spray. Allow it to dry. Your deli slicer is ready to serve out delicious sliced meats!

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