Your Guide to Coffee Shop Equipment

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Thinking of starting a cafe? Here’s your guide to coffee shop equipment.

Unless someone doesn’t like coffee or great vibes, everyone loves a coffee shop. Cafes have their own ambiance wherever you go in the world. They are artistic, unique local hangouts where you can find cozy spots to chat, study, and have an artisan drink and bite to eat. What goes on behind the scenes? How can you give your community a great cafe experience? Here’s your guide to coffee shop equipment, specifically appliances. 

Your Coffee Shop Appliance Guide

Commercial Coffee Brewing Equipment

Coffee brewing equipment includes commercial coffee drip machines and coffee grinders. How many orders you expect to take at a time will influence how many you have. It’s important to study the kinds of machines out there so you get the best ones for your needs.

Commercial Espresso Machines

Espresso machines make coffee with hot water and pressure. They also can include milk steamers for frothy, hot milk to top cappuccinos, lattes, etc. These often expensive machines need great care to keep up for years. 

Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial ice machines will make cold lattes and other icy beverages fresh and delicious. It’s also necessary to have one to serve a refreshing cup of water. Commercial ice makers need regular cleaning to prevent bacteria from growing and making people sick. It’s easy with the right care and Pine Heights’s maintenance services!

Equipment for Other Beverages

Blenders for smoothies and hot water machines for tea and hot chocolate will be necessary if you expand your menu beyond coffee. Your final coffee shop equipment list will depend on your menu and your maximum traffic level.

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Does your menu go beyond beverages? If you also have a food menu, you’ll want the best equipment to make and display your delicious treats. Your cooking appliances might include commercial ovens, mixers, panini presses, and toasters.

Commercial Refrigeration

Fresh ingredients and menu items need cold storage. Invest in the right commercial fridge, freezer, or both. If you sell commercial products like ice creams and bottled drinks, you will need temperature-controlled displays.

Maintain Your Coffee Shop Equipment with Pine Heights

Pine Heights is here to help your Maryland coffee shop thrive behind the scenes with our equipment maintenance and repair services. Put us on your cafe’s contact list for reliable, affordable equipment help.

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