Grocery Display Cooler Cleaning: It Matters!

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Cleaning refrigerated grocery displays can be life-changing! Here’s why.

Grocery stores cover about 41,300 square feet, and commercial grocery display freezers and coolers occupy a significant percentage of that space. Whether it be your fresh vegetables and herbs, beverages like milk and juice, or frozen foods for the week, they need to work so that your community can be well-fed. Here’s just how much grocery display cooler cleaning matters!

Grocery Display Cooler Cleaning Matters

Have Tons of Savings

Did you know that dirty refrigerator and freezer evaporator coils can use way more energy than clean evaporator coils? These parts at the back of your commercial refrigeration appliances do the heavy lifting. Dirt and dust that build up on them make them work way harder than they have to, using more energy to do the same job than if they were clean. The grocery store must continually power these many display coolers, so regular cleaning gives you a lot of added savings to your energy bill.

Extend Your Appliances’ Lifespan and Efficiency

Your grocery display coolers will thank you, too. You can extend their lifespan by years with proper care. It doesn’t take much to make them run a lot longer than they would. If they have to continually exert themselves more than necessary, their lives will wear out sooner

From day to day, your appliances will also simply function better. 

Grocery display coolers are not inexpensive; it’s worth doing the best you can to care for them and not waste a great product.

Create a Great Customer Experience

Your customers will also thank you for keeping up with regular cleaning. Dirty display coolers and freezers will eventually get moldy, produce a smell, have filth and stains covering the surfaces, and be a horror to behold. Customers are more likely to return if they don’t even notice how clean it is.

Preserve Your Customers’ Health

Cleaning the refrigerated grocery displays will also preserve your customers’ health. Mold and germs of all kinds can make anyone’s health turn for the worse very fast. Care for your customers with the simple task of routine grocery display cooler cleaning.

Planned maintenance is another service highly recommended for grocery store appliance care. If you run a grocery store in Maryland, call Pine Heights!

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