What Is Descaling a Commercial Ice Machine?

What Is Descaling a Commercial Ice Machine?

What does descaling mean for your commercial ice machine? Let’s take a look.

Scale is a buildup of minerals like calcium and magnesium that leaches out of the water and creates a film on an ice machine. Over time, as it makes more ice, more deposits will build up against the metal or plastic. What is descaling a commercial ice machine, and why does it matter?

The Effect of Descaling a Commercial Ice Machine

Better Performance

Will descaling your ice machine make that much of a difference to your ice-making? It will indeed! When your machine is clean, there will be less friction and weight loading it down. It will be free to operate with ease as it was designed to do. This principle works the same way with all kinds of machinery. Removing dirt and debris makes anything much more functional.

Cleaner Ice

A lack of cleaning your ice machine can lead to dirty ice. The water and ice will naturally pick up different germs and deposits in the ice machine along its way, which can have deadly results. While scale was originally part of the water, exposure to it can affect the ice’s taste. A clean ice machine equals cleaner-tasting ice.

Longer Lifespan

A commercial ice machine has to work a lot harder to do the same work when it’s dirty. When it has to use more energy than it should, it will wear down faster. When you take good care of it, it will function smoother than ever and last a surprisingly long time. 

Descaling Your Commercial Ice Machine

There are different ways to descale your commercial ice machine.

One option is to use a chemical cleaner. If you use this method, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Another way is to scrub it down by hand. Avoid using any abrasive cleaner or cleaning tool to maintain the surface’s integrity.

What you can do to help lessen the buildup is to install a water filtration system. Doing this is especially helpful if you have hard water, which contains a lot more minerals. If you need your commercial ice machine serviced in Maryland, please contact Pine Heights Commercial Kitchen Service, Inc.!

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